June Photography Post

I recently made the decision to stop neglecting my camera and take my photography hobby a tad more seriously. Originally I wanted to do weekly posts, but I take so many photos and only a few are ever ‘good enough’ in my opinion, so I figured an end of the month post would work best. For reference, I had around 200 photos in my SD card from June, and this post only contains seven. Similar to my previous photography post, half the images are macro images because using that lens is just so much fun.

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Photography Post | Flowers & Bees

Anyone who follows me elsewhere on the internet should know, to some extent, that I enjoy photography. I bought my first camera – a Canon EOS 600D SLR – during my time in the Creative Technologies foundation degree a good few years ago. The faculty had messed up their order for gear before the course started, which left only two working cameras for a class of 20+ to use for coursework.

I didn’t want the stress of fighting everyone else over the cameras when it was time to start my own coursework, so I used my loan money to get one of my own. It was expensive and I don’t use it as often as I’d like because it’s quite heavy and carrying it around can drain a person like me real fast, but it was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

I usually use my iPhone due to the increased flexibility and because it’s much lighter to carry around, but the photos in today’s post were taken on my SLR to experiment around with a close up macro lens I bought a few weeks ago. The bee in the featured image is probably my favourite photo I’ve taken this year so far. Hit ‘read more’ to see the rest!

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