How My Bad Energy Days Feel

Anyone who follows my twitter will be aware that a while back, I had a fairly lengthy string of really bad energy days. On one hand, I’m okay with it because I planned on making a post about them eventually, and experiencing them is a good way to get notes on how I feel so I can write about it later. On the other hand, those days make me feel like unproductive garbage and the more I have in a row, the harder it gets to try and be positive.

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My Experience: CFS/ME

To start off with an incredibly brief summary, CFS/ME is an illness that can appear in any person of any age and often varies in severity from one sufferer to another. Onset can vary too, with the most common form being linked to a viral infection. The illness also has a range of different names, but for the sake of my own post, we’re just going to stick with CFS/ME.

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