June 2017’s My Purrfect Gift Box

I’m a cat fanatic. I’ve loved cats all my life and honestly never thought I’d have any due to my mother being so against them in the past. That all changed three years ago when we got Pepper – the black cat you see in the featured image of this post. Now we have two, and we wouldn’t change them for the world.

The only other thing I love almost as much as my small demon children is the feeling of getting something in the post, which is why monthly boxes are a cute little thing to look forward to. There are so many different markets for boxes it seems silly that I didn’t think ones would exist for cats/cat lovers at first. My Purrfect Gift Box is tailored specifically for the cat person, with the option to pay a little more for some gifts for your feline friend too. Today we’re going to see what was in the box for June 2017!

For The Cat Lady


The theme this month is ‘Cats Are My Bag’ and the first thing I saw when I opened my box was this cute little face. The ears are 3D and the adjustable straps are comfortable enough that they don’t dig into your shoulder or neck, which is nice. It’s not a huge bag, but it has enough space for the essentials, which is great for me. I’m not a big bag person. My parents keep forgetting about it hanging on the side of a chair though, and think there’s another cat in the house when they spot it from a distance, which is amusing. You can find these bags at BENWINEWIN’s Etsy shop!


Honestly, this folding shopping bag is probably my favourite thing in this box. It’s big, durable, and looks downright adorable. It comes in four colours (pink, blue, silver, black) and I’m sure it will be my mother’s go to bag when she’s packing up the groceries now.


I’ll say right now that I don’t use make-up myself, so the size of this makeup bag seems kind of large to me, but this durable canvas and waterproof lined bag has a lot of space in it. I’ll probably use this for all my D&D knickknacks I keep laying around. If you want one you can find them in LolaAndGilbert’s Etsy shop!


These small accessories are charming. I never knew hooks you keep on the table to keep your bags from being on the floor were a thing until seeing this. I was planning on finding a place for the charm on the right, but my mother has already put it on her bag. She seems absolutely smitten with it. I can’t blame her, it’s an adorable little cat face.

For The Cat


Keeping with the theme of bags, cats get their own little refillable catnip purse, along with a small bag of catnip and some treats. I haven’t been able to see how my girls react to the food because they’ve been all over the catnip bags.


About My Purrfect Gift Box

For those curious, the people who run MPGB are Kim and Juan Kniveton, a lovely couple who run their own retreat for cats on the Isle of Man called the Boodee Beg Boarding Cattery. Each quarter they pick a different cat charity or shelter, giving a number of profits made from boxes to them at the end of the quarter, so you know your money is helping support cats in need. You can read more about them here, and more on how their boxes work here.

Note: This is my first unboxing post so feel free to give any helpful advice/critiques! I know unboxing is usually done via videos, and I may try that in the future if I have the spoons for it, but I wanted to try writing one up first.


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